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A Collaboration of Corporates to Nourish and Nurture Children

Corporate contribution can eliminate hidden hunger

Hidden hunger is rooted in undernourishment. India has the highest population of undernourished people with over 190.7 million affected people as of 2014. A majority of this undernourished population consists of women and children. Here’s an area that needs attention especially from the corporate world that has the means to launch mass campaigns to eliminate hidden hunger. Social change in India is needed to lead the country towards positive change.

Social change in India can be driven by a joint contribution of the government, non-profit organisations and private sector. Organisations and companies in the corporate world can adopt this cause and bring in innovations towards eliminating hidden hunger especially among children. When these forces come together, nothing can stop a social change from happening in India.

Since children are often not informed about hidden hunger, the first step is to feed the children with nutritious meals every day. Children are often unaware of the impor…

Hidden hunger obstructs development of the healthy nation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines hidden hunger as lack of vitamins and minerals in the food we consume. A child is usually fed a meal with all the necessary nutrients for his body to supplement his physical and mental growth. But what happens when he is deprived of a quality meal? Feed The Future Now, a movement started by Akshaya Patra, aims to eradicate hidden hunger.

Nutrition, WHO says, is “the intake of food, considered in relation to the body’s dietary needs.” This means just getting food is not enough; children need the right amount of nutrients in proportion to the body type and weight.

Hidden hunger is slowly affecting our country as we still strive to fathom the depth of this problem.  The Global Hunger Index 2016 rated India as a country with ‘serious’ hunger levels with fifth highest GHI score in Asia. Now what does it imply?

It means there are millions of people, especially children, suffer from hidden hunger. This directly impacts a child’s ability to perceive th…